Duel between the best. The Divisional Round is played this weekend .

Last week there were great meetings and we saw results that nobody expected. Teams that we thought would be out of the Divisional Round are alive and stronger than ever. Everything ready for the playoffs to go ahead.
Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta Falcons
The first game of the Divisional Round is opened by the Falcons against the Eagles. Atlanta surprised last week by defeating the Rams 26 to 13, nobody expected this result, we imagined that the Los Angeles team would dominate the match and make good his season, but it was not. Now, Atlanta comes to this match with the spirits up to the sky and with all the desire to defeat Philadelphia.

This will be the fourth time that both teams meet in postseason play; The Eagles take the lead with two games won, both at home. Since 2012 the Falcons do not win by visiting Philadelphia.

As they were in the table in the regular season, the locals this time would have the advantage and the numbers in their favor, but unfortunately lost Carson Wentz with an injury, one of his great men that made a difference in every game.

The incentive for Atlanta is not only that the Eagles lost one of their best players, but that their defense has improved a lot, they have not allowed more than 13 points in the last two matches.

New England Patriots vs Tennessee Titans
This will undoubtedly be one of the most anticipated games of the weekend and we say it because the best team of the NFL this season and current champions, will receive the Titans, whom everyone gave for eliminated last week, but they gave the surprise by leaving Kansas out, trailing an 18-point deficit.

It will be an interesting match because Tennessee will put all the meat on the spit to hurt the Patriots. The key is that the Titans make a great ground attack and Derrick Henry leave again inspired account as the week passes where he had a great game against the Chiefs, achieving 156 yards and a touchdown.

For their part, the Patriots are a tough block to beat at home; In the last two games between the two teams, New England has scored 92 points and the Titans have scored only 16. It is likely that Brady will continue with the hegemony against Tennessee and do them such damage that it leaves them out of any aspiration for the title. Conference.

Regular season is about to come to an end therefor you must get in on the action on collegiate football

Little by little, the end of the year bowls are defined and for the time being we will have several regional classics to close a season that has been spectacular, full of upsets and crashes, which has meant that bets are the order of the day.
These are the games we recommend.


Two teams from california that simply do not like each other. The two come with good marks, the Cardinal with 9-3 and the Trojans with 10-2. These are sets with explosive offenses that could fill the marker with many points.

Who to bet? To start you have to predict that the game will have many points, that is: go for the highs.

Dallas vs Washington, Thursday night betting starts now!

Dallas vs Washington
Both teams play a lot in this match. They have the same numbers, five matches won and six lost. Whoever won had a chance to sneak into the postseason.
The Redskins come from winning last week 20 to 10 to the Giants, while Dallas fell to the Chargers 28 to 6.

The interesting fact is that the Washington offense has improved as the days pass, the Redskins have the seventh best average yards per game and much of that achievement is owed to Crowder.

A very even match in week 12, Baltimore vs Houston

Baltimore vs Houston
We closed the 12th day with this meeting. Both teams are in half table. The Ravens have won five and lost the same number. For their part, the Texans have four wins for six lost.
In regards to the series, Baltimore dominates with seven games against two and have never lost at home, so it looks complicated for Houston this time.

A new season of classics will be lived in the collegiate football of the NCAA

The upper reaches of the NCAA collegiate football rankings are almost defined, unless there are some surprises in the coming weeks. The level is very high and the chimes have not been few.
Here we present this parley that you can use to earn money from very early, because the games begin this Thursday, perhaps with universities not so connoted, but that you can bet, forecast and above all: win, we guarantee that.

Buffalo vs. Ball State
Although for the record they have both: (Buffalo 4-6 and Ball State 2-8), none aspires to be in a bowl at the end of the year, but we recommend this game because it can help you a lot in terms of your predictions.

Tulsa vs. South Florida
A truly uneven match. The disappointing season of Tulsa with 2-8 and the surprising campaign of South Florida with 8-1 will face each other, with little chance for the Golden Hurricane.

Betting leans towards Pittsburgh against the Titans

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Tennessee Titans

We started week 11 with one of the most attractive matches of the day. The Steelers face the Titans, both franchises are the leaders of their Conference.
To this match the two teams arrive with four consecutive victories. Pittsburgh, on the other hand, has a record of seven games won against two losses in the season, while Tennessee has won six times against three losses.

Although the two squads have been characterized by having a good attack (especially the Steelers) for this game is expected a close duel, because this year the defense of both has had great strength.

Are You Ready to Bet on Some College Football?

The 2017 season of the NCAA collegiate football is becoming more adult and in the different conferences they begin to define the rivals that have possibilities to participate in the end-of-year bowls and those who will play the playoffs to seek the national championship .

We present these parleys so you can bet early and you can earn money thanks to your forecasts.

Temple vs. Cincinnati
The Temple Owls have not had the season they expected, their 4-5 record is not very encouraging, but this encounter against the Cincinnati Bearcats (3-6) could be a good opportunity to match their numbers.

Brigham Young vs. UNLV
BYU lives one of the worst seasons in its history,
Washington vs. Stanford, while UNLV has a deep reconstruction, so everything points to a match really even.

However, still the Nevada Rebels in Las Vegas have been better, so they are favorites by 3.5 points and for them you must bet to win, cover the spread and the line.

Begin betting for week 10, Seattle vs. Arizona

Week 10 of the NFL begins with a comparison of major offenses, the Seattle Seahawks against the Arizona Cardinals on Thursday Night Football.

The second and third place of the Western Conference NFC come to this meeting very similar in terms of numbers. On the one hand, Seattle has a mark of 5 wins and 3 losses, while the Cardinals have 4 wins and the same number in defeats.

Arizona comes to beat the 49ers, something that is not very motivating because they defeated one of the worst teams in the league, while the Seahawks, lost at the last minute with the Redeskins, something that will not happen this week as they are the favorites to take the meeting in favor.

Week 9 of the NFL, New York J. vs. Buffalo

Start week 9 of the NFL with a match between two teams of the AFC East Conference. The New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football.
To this confrontation, the Bills arrive after a victory on the Raiders from 34 to 14, while the Jets, succumbed last week against the Falcons 25-20.

As far as positions are concerned, the New Yorkers are in the last place of their conference with a 3 to 5 mark, while the Bills are in second place with a 5 to 2 mark. Both teams They have shown a medium level during the league, especially they have had remarkable moments in the defense, so in this game is closed and does not exceed 43 points.