A new season of classics will be lived in the collegiate football of the NCAA

The upper reaches of the NCAA collegiate football rankings are almost defined, unless there are some surprises in the coming weeks. The level is very high and the chimes have not been few.
Here we present this parley that you can use to earn money from very early, because the games begin this Thursday, perhaps with universities not so connoted, but that you can bet, forecast and above all: win, we guarantee that.

Buffalo vs. Ball State
Although for the record they have both: (Buffalo 4-6 and Ball State 2-8), none aspires to be in a bowl at the end of the year, but we recommend this game because it can help you a lot in terms of your predictions.

Tulsa vs. South Florida
A truly uneven match. The disappointing season of Tulsa with 2-8 and the surprising campaign of South Florida with 8-1 will face each other, with little chance for the Golden Hurricane.