Week 2, New York G Vs Detroit

This encounter looks a bit tasteless. New York did not leave with good taste in its first match, only got three points. The ground attack remains nil and the defense is not seen team.
In this game the Giants must come out with clear mind and the idea of ​​winning, otherwise the red lights will begin to catch on. They probably have in their picture to Odell Beckham and revolutionize the offensive

For its part, Detroit comes from winning their first match 35 for 23 against the St. Louis. Those commanded by Jim Caldwen have a powerful offense, so it will be a back-and-forth clash and is predicted to be a quick game.

The bets give the vote of confidence to the New York. They return home and if you have all your men headlines it is unlikely that Detroit will cast a shadow on them.

Things are already beginning to be decided in college football!

Beyond the ever-crowded grandstands, marching bands, big plays, cheerleaders and above all: genuine love for the colors of an institution, collegiate American football always presents us with a great level.

The first two weeks have been really intense and we hope you had good luck in your bets. Now we bring you five games that you could take into account to make your predictions.

The duels inter-conference continue and there are some parties in which the strong rivalry is the one that causes that the forecasts of the week are closed. Here are five games that you could use in your parley-

Clemson Vs. Louisville
This will be the time for Clemson’s defense to apply to Louisville and his always presubmible Heisman Lamar Jackson trophy.

This will be one of the games of the season and could leave many things clear for the future.
You can not go wrong and with everything and their ‘toys’, you need to put your money to the Clemson Tigers.

Kentucky vs. South Carolina
The Kentucky defense is one of the weakest of the current season, while the South Carolina is the most powerful and the least points allowed.

If you want your money to multiply and your betting credibility increases. Put your prognosis to the SC Gamecocks.

Texas vs. USC:
These two teams once starred in one of the most exciting games of college football. The difference is that Vince Young is no longer with Texas, nor is Matt Leinart with USC.

The game this weekend looks really uneven. the odds indicate that USC has to win without problems, although to dismiss so simple to the Longhorns is a daring. Even so, bet on the Trojans.

Tennessee vs. Florida
After all the problems with Hurricane Irma, the Gators are ready to face one of their more complicated matches, but still, they are slightly favorites over the Tennessee Volunteers.

The Gators’ offense has everything to beat Tennessee and you’d have to put your money in there.

UCLA vs. Memphis
On paper we would always go with the Bruins, who have shown that even if they suffer, they are a hard team and they fight. However, you have to take into account that you will make a long trip to Tennessee, which took another week of rest and made an exalted scouting.

For all the above UCLA looks like underdog and that’s why betting on the Bruins would suit you a lot.

Canelo vs. Golovkin, the bets are ready in the most anticipated fight!

It will be one of the most anticipated fights of the last years. Two boxing exponents who in recent years have established themselves as the best in their division will face each other on September 16 in Las Vegas.
Who can bet on ‘Canelo’ Álvarez and Gennady Golovkin? One is Mexican and the other, native of Kazakhstan has that Aztec style thanks to the teachings of his coach, which promises a great battle over the ring.

But let’s break it down and talk about the qualities of each one so that you can reflect on who to tilt your forecast, and most importantly, where to put your money on this occasion.

There are several points in favor of and against both: age, reach, knockout power, mobility and the desire to win. Those factors make the fight level and make it really difficult to guarantee a victory on either side.

‘Canelo’ is 26 years old, Golovkin 35, but in the experience of a quadrilateral is bigger, having 49 wins (34 by KO), a draw and a defeat, while the Kazakh has a record of 37-0 (22 by the fast track).

This in the paper predicts a war, because the styles with which both fight are uncomfortable for each other, while ‘Canelo’ is somewhat more dynamic and his blows are dry, Golovkin looks more fixed and its impacts are true bombs.

What complicates each one? It has been seen that the defensive boxers and counterglops are the kryptonite for Alvarez. In his only loss, against Floyd Mayweather Jr. He was dominated by the clashes and the speed of ‘Money’, in addition, when there was exchange lost of all, all.

This is a yellow focus of the ball against Golovkin, reaching a frank exchange could do him a lot of damage, since he does not have a jaw as resistant as the European one does, than in fights where he has been put in trouble (Daniel Jacobs example) his temper and endurance pushed him forward.

On the other hand, the danger for Golovkin appears in the hard hit of the Mexican. No one throughout the Kazakh race has beaten him as hard as Saul will, that’s a fact and there might come a weak spot for GGG.

You still do not decide? It’s difficult! Is not it? It is not easy to predict a winner in a fight that looks so evenly on all sides, but our duty is to guide you to choose one and that will do next.

odds: http://bit.ly/2wVZfR3